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Speedplay Ultra Light Action Titanium Pedals with Walkable Cleats White, One Size


While the Ultra Light in Speedplay's Ultra Light Action Titanium Pedals with Walkable Cleats literally refers to the pedals' low-force engagement mechanism, it's also an apt description of the model's absurdly low claimed weight. The spindle is constructed of US-made 6-4 grade titanium, so a single pedal weighs in at just 82g. Are there lighter pedals? Maybe, but if they aren't stamped Speedplay, they won't feature the Ultra Light Action Titanium's virtually unlimited options of float, fore/aft, lateral, and rotational adjustability. As with all of Speedplay's pedals, these featherweights have a stack height and profile that rival their weight for minimalism, so there's less material between your watts and the pedals and more space between your pedals and the road. While we don't necessarily advocate pedaling through corners, we recognize that sometimes the race situation means you have no choice, and the Ultra Light Action Pedals minimize the risk of pedal strikes. The included Walkable Cleats are one final benefit that every cyclist can appreciate because they address the all-too-common issue of hard flooring that turns cycling shoes into ice skates. Speedplay's Walkable Cleats replace the standard, slick cleats with the reliable grip of its rubberized housing. The high-grip housing doesn't interfere with clipping in and out, and it has the added benefit of protecting the cleats themselves during those inevitable times when you've forgotten to resupply your saddle bag and a flat forces a hike on tarmac to the nearest LBS for tubes or CO2.

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