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MIKINORA - Half And Half Earrings


Half sterling silver stick, half bronze stick dangle earrings. On sterling silver posts. Hangs approximately 7 cm long. These pieces are finished in their natural state and not plated, therefore oxidization and change of color will occur. However, with a little care these pieces should last a lifetime To prevent pieces from tarnishing quickly, it's best to store your jewelry in airtight bags when not being worn, and if possible with anti tarnish strips, that can be purchased at some jewelers. It is also best not to wear your jewelry in the shower, pool or in the ocean, as well as while sun bathing. The heat, air and chlorine will speed up the tarnishing process. Prevent applying perfumes and creams directly on the jewelry. It will be best to put jewelry on after the perfumes and creams have dried. To clean, prepare a bowl with warm water and gentle soap. Soak the pieces for about a minute, then wipe clean and dry with a soft, non abrasive cloth, such as a cotton cloth. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels as they can cause scratching. Then polish with a jewelry polishing cloth such as the Sunshine Cloth (which is my favorite!)

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