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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver


Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S - Silver The 3 wide feed chute is almost five times wider than the leading competitor's Faster and easier - Feed whole fruits or vegetables to the chute without cutting! Fresher taste with more nutrients - Preserves the taste and flavor Low-speed masticating technology (J.M.C.S) patented in 50 countries Kuvings' unique technology, J.M.C.S., produces a 100% natural undiluted juice by gently pressing the fruit with a slow-rotating screw in the strainer instead of grinding it with a fast-rotating blade, minimizing the nutrient loss. Stronger ULTEM screw Twice as long, the ULTEM screw easily cuts whole fruits and vegetables while juicing, minimizing oxidation and nutrient loss from precutting ingredients. The specially designed screw's compression blade masticates ingredients with force at optimal angles. 50-60 RPM - The secret to the best juicing The upgraded motor rotates at 50-60rpm - the golden ratio of force and time. 240W heavy-duty motor designed, developed, and made by Kuvings A Kuvings developed and manufactured 240W motor, with less noise and vibration, provides fresher juice. Eco-friendly materials The juicing bowl, pulp cup, and juice cup are made of Eastman Tritan approved by both the FDA and NSF.The screw and strainer are made of ULTEM, a semi-transparent and eco-friendly advanced material. Features A The world's first wide mouth slow juicer for fast, easy juicing of whole fruits and vegetables A Equipped with our breakthrough Juicer Module Comprising System (J.M.C.S.) , a low-speed masticating technology patented in 50 countries. A Eco-friendly TritanTM and ULTEM parts, safe for the kids A 240W heavy-duty motor with less noise and vibration, designed to extract the freshest juice. A Additional Features - Easy cleaning tools, Kuvings' special recipe book ,and blank strainer. Optional smoothie strainer (sold separately) .

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