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Earth Therapeutics Pedi-Jams Sole Foftening Gel Booties - 1 Pair: HF


Foot Therapy Free Trial Size Lotion Included Gel Cushion Lining Moisturizes + Protects Jojoba ? Vitamin E ? Olive Oil Fits Most Foot Sizes Environmental Friendly These super comfortable, ultra-plush booties not only feel fantastic, but also work actively to moisturize and condition dry, dehydrated skin. The secret is in the proprietary Transdermal Gel Matrix (TGM) lining which continuously delivers a skin-nourishing infusion of jojoba oil, vitamin E and olive oil to replenish and revive the soles? while also mechanically cushioning the feet to help prevent blister and callus formation. These Pedi-Jams Gel Booties are made with light terry and have a non-skid surface. Your feet will feel softer, smoother...And you will feel like you are walking on air.

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