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Brick LED Lamp by Umbra Shift


While created for the quick construction of walls, the brick also proves itself a building block particularly well-suited for the base of a stylish task light. The Umbra Shift Brick LED Lamp features a perforated concrete base through which protrudes a 2-foot long aluminum rod fitted with an array of 84 bright, energy efficient LEDs. Designed by Philippe Malouin. Umbra Shift is an extension of the well-known Umbra brand. Taking off from the original company's 30 years of design experience, Umbra Shift takes a new look at contemporary design and designers. It offers a new platform for emerging and in-house designers as well as for other established names like Paul Loebach and Harry Allen. The result is a collection of modern furniture and home decor that expresses different points of view yet remains cohesive and forward-thinking.

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