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Black and Tan Zebra Cowhide Rug design by BD Hides


Natural-dried, leather cowhide featuring original color, size and shape. Each piece is organic in shape and size. All colors, size and patterns may vary by piece based on the the skin of the animal. Some skins are further died to embellish the design of the naturally occurring skins. To keep your cowhide rug clean, we recommend shaking your rug weekly to dust particle. Spot vacuum with a hose attachment carefully and make sure run the hose in the direction of the hair. Stains can be removed by using a knife or mild soap and water with a soft brush and blot clean with a towel. Do not wash cowhide rugs in a machine and always dry face down to protect from the sun.  Black and Tan Zebra XL approximately 5'5 x 7'5 Standard lead time is 5-7 business days to ship out and receive tracking. These items are all unique + one of a kind and size may vary slightly from specification.

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